Good evening gentlemen gamers
This section is meant to index findings and workarounds
that pertain to more efficiently epic fortnite floss
dab whip naenae'ing your way out of a ban.

strap in gamer, it's tech support time

1.) "\My Documents\BYOND\pager\custom\alert-corner.png contains an incorrect path"

As of Spring 2021, byond doesn't play well with wine versions 6.0

or presumably versions following. in order to fix this travesty, read below.

Have fun, King

>Open Lutrus

>On the top right, there is a button that looks like 3 dots.

>Select "Manage Runners"

>Tab over to system options

>Scroll down to "Wine", select the "Manage Versions"

>Install "lutris-5.6-5", hit "ok"

>Open up your terminal emulator, enter the following command

>Go back to your byond installation, right click configure

>Under "Runner Options", select "lutris-5.6-5", hit "ok"

That's it! You can now enjoy the autism game we all love.

2.) My game is INCREDIBLY low FPS / Won't Render

As of Spring 2020, the Lutris Byond installation script is kinda fucky

Posted below is a workaround that attempts to remedy the above graphical issues

Have fun, King

>Go into your Lutris configuration menu

>Go to runner options, ensure "advanced" is checked at the bottom

>Ensure DXVK/Esync/VKD3D are all disabled. SS13 doesn't need it.

>Tab over to system options

>Ensure Disable Lutris Runtime is enabled

>Hit save and go back to the Lutris menu

>Open up your terminal emulator, enter the following command

>"WINEPREFIX=/home/$YOUR_USERNAME$/Games/byond/ winetricks --force ie8 ie8_kb2936068"

That's it! Your SS13 shitposting experience should now have a stable framerate.

3.) Lutris won't install BYOND correctly / doesn't work

As of late 2019, the Lutris BYOND installation script is broken for many users

Here is a workaround to get up and running, so you can get back to what's important;

Maximum velocity ban evasion and shitposting

>This guide takes maybe 5 minutes start to finish.

>You MUST have steam and steam's proton installed in order for this workaround to work.

>In order to use proton, simply go into steam's settings and enable steamplay (proton) on all titles and run a windows game.

>All the above entails is to simply right click any windows title, and ensure "force the use of a specific steam-play compatability tool" is checked, and the latest proton version is highlighted

>Do the above, hit "okay" or "apply" and simply run the game once. It'll handle setting up proton to be used by lutris for later on. Easy.

>Delete byond, clear out that wineprefix. We're gonna start fresh

>Using lutris, reinstall byond. Let it do it's thing. It won't work, but it lays the groundwork for what we're about to do

>Download the latest stable version of the byond installer, store it somewhere easy to get to

>Right click BYOND in lutris, go to the configuration screen

>In the "game options" tab, set the Executable to the byond installer .exe you just downloaded

>Hit okay and apply what you just did, then start byond in lutris

>At this point, the normal installation prompts should appear for byond, continue installing as normal

>Deselect start menu and desktop icons because they are ugly and unnecessary, unless you want them for some reason

>Do not launch byond when it finishes installing, uncheck that and click finish

>Go back to game options, set the executable as the installed byond.exe file, it will likely be in a directory similar to the following;

>"/home/$YOUR_USERNAME$/Games/byond/drive_c/Program Files/BYOND/bin/byond.exe"

>At this point, byond is installed, however if you were to start it, it'd be stuck on "loading game information." forever. We're about to fix that.

>Download the "winetricks" package if you haven't already done so

>Enter the following commands

>"WINEPREFIX=/home/$YOUR_USERNAME$/Games/byond/ winetricks allfonts mfc42 gdiplus vcrun2008 vcrun2013 wsh57 windowscodecs ogg ole32 riched30 msls31 wmp10"

>"WINEPREFIX=/home/$YOUR_USERNAME$/Games/byond/ winetricks ie8"

>Now your byond wineprefix has the dependencies it needs to continue.

>At this point, go back to lutris and go to the configuration page

>Go to runner options and set the runner as steam's proton, apply the settings

That's it! You should now be able to run byond and SS13 without any further problems

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