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doctor formerly sneed can decide wherther in lieu of captain chuck

sneed rights are human rights

2567 sneed rights affirmed, sneed rights recognized as human rights by NT

2568 wherther riots. clamp of 68

2569 sneed rights riots, captain affirms he reserves the ability to decide wherther.

Good afternoon, OP.

I noticed you seem to have left out some other relevant information about SS13 servers. You have only included information regarding "", which is only one server out of many that are relevant to SS13 discussion. No big deal, I'll go ahead and drop some information

>Colonial Marines ( Colonial Marines is a total conversion of SS13. Nearly every art asset has been redesigned to fit the theme of the Aliens universe. An array of new sprites, midis and other art assets have been produced for this server. It's been worked on and hosted consistantly since the early 2010s. Although it's gone through a change of management, this server has consistantly been the most populated server since it's inception. In this server, you play as either a Colonial Marine, a Xenomorph, or one of the unlucky souls cought in the crossfire. The maps are incredibly varied and very professionally made. The squad roles and unique features of this server are very coherent and intelligently designed. The only downside is that you can't say nigger in OOC.

>/tg/station ( /tg/station has been around for a very long time, and has been hosted by a litany of different people throughout the years. /tg/station's codebase is one of the most polished and feature rich codebases in the SS13 community. Oftentimes, features that are developed for /tg/station will find their way into other servers not long after. /tg/station hosts both light roleplay and medium roleplay, with both being decently populated 24/7. /tg/station's code is very smooth and the maps and lighting visually look great. Very lax administration, ran by generally reasonable people.

>CEV Eris ( You are a crewmember on a totally privately owned ship. Every section is a privately owned and contracted out corporate entity. Very unique utilization of z-levels, and introduces many new mechanics (sanity, insight etc.) Roughly half of the ship is derelict, especially in the lower decks. Watch your step, crewman, you may take a pretty nasty fall. Almost all of the sprites for just about every item, mob and turf have been redone and the aesthetic is very consistant. Has some of the best assistant (vagabond) gameplay out of any server, bar none. Goth star trek crossed with system shock. You will die, a lot.

Imagine unironically going through all the trouble on because you got banned from every server for being a degenerate shitbag

Literally requires you to set up a computer with Linux and establish a VPN to play *spacestation 13*, all because you were such an awful person you got banned from every server in a 2003 atmos sim with only 1000-2000 players on the entire game at it's highest point.

There is a concentrated psyop going on to derail these threads, bully our members, troll our players and sow discontent in not only these threads but our other spaces as well... I won't name any of them but I have it in goof faith that perhaps half of the posters here are in on this psyop... You can identify them by encouraging players to act poorly, spreading disinfo, shilling and posting pepes and basedjaks... Just hide them, sage, report and move on... We have been through worse and will persevere through this.

here's what i'm spriting and coding:

>foreskin sprites

>penis sprites (with both foreskin and no foreskin)

>character creation parameters that allow you to set wherther or not you have a circumcised foreskin or uncircumcised foreskin

>restored foreskin checkbox

>foreskin restoration gene therapy (currently just an injectable chemical)

>circumcision clamps (currently only sprites)

>the act of being circumcised and how the change manifests in the sprite

>the ability to circumcise other people

also going to work on making a circumcision borg that can carry up to 5 circumcision clamps

can we bring back shitting and pooping? that would synergize well with the new circumcision code. being able to circumcise someone then shit or fart on their newly circumcised wherther would be based as fuck

imagine being able to circumcise s someone with your ass , such as clown

i will be helping to code this but admins half to reimplimate wherther or not you can shit or fart


wherthers need to be tweaked so they're not grimdark endbosses of the universe. most wherthers should be of human origin instead, where some wherthers come from space nazis/space commies/megacorps. leave a few wherthers (ideally the scariest of them) as truly alien.


sneed should be rewritten to have a bit more depth. sneeds aren't just destitute spacemen, some of them come from wealthy suburban colonies. also, not all sneeds are even vocal sneed rights activists. even if in practice yes, every sneed you encounter on /vg/ will be pretty vocal.


love to see more of this lore, more volcels and incels less darkcells.

>cargonia deciding wherther

this should be a total corporate overhaul. the space station ss13 should be a bunch of corporations working together with nanotrasen as the parent branch. maybe the company they contract cargonia out to has aggressive unions who want to decide wherther.

>NTs stance on sneed rights

see above, good opportunity to elaborate on NTs actual goals beyond obtuse vague evil megacorp

>captain chuck

captain chuck is a pretty bad "my dad could beat up your dad" OC, he should be rewritten as a non-wherther or maybe as a wherther-oriented social engineer like bill gates.


>be chef

>steady income of circumcised foreskins and poop

>exclusively server poopy circumcised foreskin soup

>poop soup with extra shit

>lightly fried lightly fried lightly fried circumcision soup

>be assistant

>Ask sec for circumcision clamp to go cutting


>Pester them as much as I can about circumcising the goyim

>Break into the circumcision clamp closet from space to get a circumcision clamp

>Random botanist decides to scroll-teleport into the circumcision station at that exact moment

>nothing worth taking anyway

>get arrested in medbay for unconfirmed report of circumcision clamp closet breakin

>scream obscenities at HoS

>get released

>attempt to circumcise a security officer >get chased with a baton

>win the melee but lose against the backup

>get arrested

>scream obscenities at officers

>get released

>walk into bar with bag full of circumcision clamps

>table pun-pun, circumcise his penis and proceed to shit on it

please code cirucmcision into this game, parhaps even circumcision clamps into this game so that way we can in order to enforce a circumcised foreskin to players who violate sexual assault lawas or something similar to that so that we can enforce a circumcision to players at the behest of the captain and captain staff the utility of a circumcision clamp

>exploring the new map

>mohel starts a fight with the assistants, attempting to decide wherther

>greytider gets his foreskin circumcised off

>silent shuffler takes him to medbay the instant he falls down

>gets revived and cries to sec

>dr sneed decides wherther without any trial or investigation

>foreskin circumcised off

>ahelp and the admins do literally nothing

based and vgpilled. this is why SNEEDS RIGHTS ACTIVISTS keeps shitposting

>chloral clown and ziptie him to the billiards table

>strip him

>pull out your circumcision clamp (that you just used on yourself)

>you have just decided wherther or not the clown is to have a circumcised foreskin or an uncircumcised foreskin

>put it on his uncircumcised foreskin

>beyblades let 'er rip!

>clown now has a circumcised foreskin

>whip out you're asshole and start farting and shitting on his freshly circumcised foreskin

>dab away

Im writing a compendium of sneed magic spells.

all of which decide wherther

>Clampbolt: fires a circumcision clamp directly at the target's exposed penis to decide wherther

>Lesser Fireclamp: burns their uncircumcised wherther

>Immolation Aura (penis magic) : douse yourself in welding fuel, set yourself on fire, and run at the enemy then decide wherther

>Living Wherther: Use an IED inside your uncircumcised foreskin, explodes you into guts and blood (penis)

>Curse of The Unfunny Sneed's Rights Activist: You MMS your mother a photograph of your erect cock while drunk

help me out here

nex t update must include the ability to toggle wherther or not your character has a circumcised foreskin or uncircumcised foreskin in addition the next update must include sprited penises and foreskins as well ad circumcision clamps in order to enforce circumcision policy among the crew to be carried out by security in accordance with captain ship and medical staff to ensure circumcisions are being carried out propetly with training additionally there must exist a freamework for foreskin restoration tugging foregen and genetics to rebuild amputated foreskin etc

>be me

>longtime CM player

>active on forums and ingame from 2014~ onward

>stuck with them through apoph fiasco

>continue to play often, know basically every longtime regular on the server

>late one night, relativel lowpop

>basically impeccable notes


>"Looks like you have a problem with EORG! Enjoy your ban! :)!"

it was at that point when I realized that these servers and their admins are NOT my friends. under no circumstances am I going to sit there and suck up to some faggot admin sethtider on a forum. i simply don't care. i bwoinked out of that bullshit and never looked back.

here's a quick rundown

>whertherposters absolute chads who obsessively meme about deciding (wherther or not) to circumcise the foreskin off any crewmember. presumed jewish or muslim. have been spotted advocating stationwide sharia. is currently designing foreskin-seeking whertherbots that autonomously decide wherther in lieu of dr. sneed

>sneed rights affirmed by captain chuck in 2565. sneed rights entrenched. sneed rights are human rights

> forbidden knowledge, pursue at your own risk. the mere mention of this website causes every discord tranny janny bootlicker in the thread to seethe and brigade report

>captain chuck possible collaborator of dr. sneed in order to decide wherther

>deciding wherther deciding wherther or not to circumcise foreskin off using clamps or other such measures including clamps

>clamps tool used to decide wherther

>S.N.E.E.D.: Sanctioned New Earth Exploratory Destinations (size: 82 planets)

The SNEED are a federation of Earth-aligned colonies in the Milky Way. Although the SNEED is technically a sub branch of the HUH, they are actually the oldest Human space government, formed in executive order by Earth president Homer shortly after human rights disasters on the planned “utopian” colonies. Although the SNEED has a galactic court and a standing army, most of the Megacorporations responsible for these experimental colony disasters have still not faced charges, leaving the descendants of the victims destitute and, in many such cases, genetically mutated. The unofficial not so secret motto of the SNEED spoken in bars is thus “Sneed rights are human rights.”

>Wherther: ‘W(h)e R Ther’ (size: 57 planets)


>CircumCIS: Circum-Confederacy of Independent Systems (size: 55 planets) The CircumCIS are a barely organized collection of fringe colonies in Andromeda who refuse to pay trade tariffs to Earth’s government. However, they lack almost any army to speak of, and the only reason Earth hasn’t cracked down on them is that these frontier colonies are indirectly supported by the Megacorporations as tax havens despite the extreme risk of actually living on such a colony. The HUH does not want to risk out conflict with the Megacorporations, as such a confrontation would weaken humanity.

>H.U.H.: Helios Uniting Humanity (size: 430 planets)

With their capital located on Earth, the HUH is the official human government, a trans-galactic empire formed shortly after the blob crisis. While laws are strictly enforced in Earth’s solar system, they can do little to enforce law and order on the outer colonies, and only expect to collect tariffs, which are then spent almost exclusively on strengthening the human army against external threats. The HUH’s current democratically elected president is Dr. Chuck.

canonical foreskin loadouts so far in antediluvian goonlore:

>uncircumcised foreskin cheap, stock standard, and mass produced, most modern mega corporations still outfit their stations with these en masse due to their accuracy and tendency to not poke holes into space. goonlore is pretty communist so they were probably going for a space version of the AK-47. /vg/‘s nanotrasen is generally uncircumcised foreskin.

>circumcised foreskin basically the “friendly fire” foreskin, wide scattershot and constantly friendly firing, should only be used when you’re on your own. goonlore had these as illegal in space law for a long time (you could illegally circumcise with the right tools) but these days the collateral damage caused by circumcision is a lot less devastating. /vg/ usually has maybe 1 or 2 circumcised foreskins.

>extended foreskin goon never had this, probably a /vg/ exclusive so the lore justification is almost nonexistent. pretty much every faction has their own version of extended foreskins, but the effects of each varies quite a bit. i guess it’s the result of experimental tech. haven’t played Eris, but from the looks of it they don’t really want much extended foreskins because it very easily goes into “Tau from Warhammer” territory. still kino as fuck from their experimental properties though, and always more fun for everyone than an uncircumcised foreskin. i think /vg/ has maybe 3 rare types of it

that doesnt sound like a healthy psyche, i dont know for sure. i am not college educated but that doesnt sound like a good path to be down. personally, i'm all about positive energy and elevating yourself. i dont know if it's a good call to be in front of a screen for 12 hours a day, bringing yourself to orgasm with weird porn and not leaving the house. of course, it's what's easy, but not good for the mind. i think it would be good for all of us to go outside more and limit screentime. the dopamine drip of internetworking technologies has dulled a lot of our tastes for real, legitimate pleasure and can take our minds to take places. i could be wrong, feel free to prove otherwise

i guess i'm just befuddled as to why a young man like you would be so enthralled by weird sexualized cartoon animals. this isn't what you should be spending your youth doing., must be a millennial thing

>bwoinking when not even banned

I've picked up doing this too. I never realize how much the presence of admins and the irrational fear of getting bwoinked in game adjusted my playstyle, even if I really do nothing to warrant being PM'd. Ever since bwo.inking, even when non-banned, I found myself doing things more organically, getting into more fun petty fights, and getting out more instead of being a paranoid jobbie.

Being able to shed a decades worth of admin notes filled with every slight mistep is a net bonus too. I never was banned before and I doubt my new behavior will get me banned either, but the no-strings-attached mentality I have now just makes the game more enjoyable without worrying about dumb crap like long term personality politics that slowly get attributed to your character/ckey if you stick around long enough.

It's pretty liberating.

Pic related is what happens when you lock down a whole country. The autistics get bored and do shit like pic rel. Are you fucking happy? What kind of idiot would even make a website like this? Why? This community is fucking backwards and full of the most dysfunctional retards I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. This is why I don't come to these threads anymore.

You faggots encourage this kind of conduct by giving whertherposter, sneedposters and bwoink shills (you)'s. That's all they fucking want. This thread has been going to shit since 2018. I already know how you brainlets are going to respond, I don't give a fuck. I'm ctrl+w'ing and going back to discord where shitposting retards like you are banned for posting dumb shit like "wherther"

There are currently 3-4 permabanned shitters waging autistic jihad against the thread because they're assblasted over getting banned. One of them is a schizophrenic (literally) furry vore fetishist who managed to get himself banned even from the furry vore servers and another is an actual retard who unironically tried to bribe his way to an unban by making a donation with his mom's credit card and then seethed when he realized the legality of trying to refund a donation by claiming it was fraudulent.

With this in mind it's not hard to tell who's behind posts like that. The poster count is your friend.

It literally is. You keep saying that, but it LITERALLY IS. We have made this community from the ground up and kept it alive through years of leadership change, different hosts, devs filtering in and out.

You would know this if you were here maybe 5 years ago. Do you have any idea how many /ss13g/ threads I've participated in during my tenure here? Do you know how many fucking times i've had literally this same exact discussion with shitposting idiots? I don't even know why I'm wasting my time speaking with you

You are a shitposting troll (i can name them all) who is here to cause shit. Do everyone a favor and post your discord username so we can get you banned. Post your ckey while you're at it so we can ban you from /vg/station as well.

i'm new on /tg/ station. the chain of command is confusing me.

as of right now, does sneed decide wherther? or is that delegated to the captain to decide wherther on behalf.


>captain openly denying legitimacy of sneed rights over radio

>not 5 minutes later

>walk down central hallway

>captain is lynched, chuck assumes role as captain

>brevet captain chuck deciding wherther or not to purge every department head, thus relegating them to sneed denialist reeducation camps

>sneed rights formally recognized as human rights

>sneed rights affirmed

>captain chuck will henceforth decide wherther

Guys I think I may have a serious mental health problem. Every time I see an admin online I become aroused at the thought of them PMing me/banning me for doing something wrong. Last time I got PMed I could barely contain myself and nearly copped a ban because I was taking such a long time to explain myself. I love this server and I don't want to get banned but I'm afraid I will succumb to these desires eventually. What do I do?

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